Attributes of a Good Innovation Development Process

June 22nd, 2014

Innovation Development is an unusual organizational process.  Keep in mind these attributes when you design and operate your process and the productivity of your projects will benefit from this sound structure.
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It’s Risky! It’s Chaotic!

January 15th, 2014

It’s Risky!  It’s Chaotic!  Innovation Development is an unusual process.  The first unusual characteristic of the process is that it is risky.  The outcome is uncertain.  You may proceed with full expectation that you will get to market and midway through the process discover a fatal flaw in your innovation.  Game over.
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Yeah, Yeah – Top Management Support…

March 19th, 2010
Innovation Development Intersection

Innovation Development is an activity that succeeds with the intersection of a defined process, management methods, and inspired leadership

Are you tired of hearing “fill-in-the-blank will not succeed without top management support”? I am. Yes, it is a reality that any process in an enterprise will be more successful with senior leadership support. But, I am not going to rant about its necessity. Rather, I like to demonstrate that Innovation Development is one activity of the enterprise that is worthy of senior leadership attention.

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What is Innovation Development?

January 7th, 2010

Innovation Development is a process that delivers something new to potential users.  This is intentionally broad, so let’s break it down.
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Hello world!

December 27th, 2009

Welcome to the Innovation Evangelist web site.

Our goal is to be a “go to” place for knowledge on the process of Innovation Development.

This is a big subject spanning entrepreneurship, invention, intellectual property, product development, service development, but most of all, creating and improving a process for developing your innovations.

We welcome open innovation.  We will bring you a general framework constructed by the site editor plus  influential references on the subject of Innovation Development.

What is Innovation Development?  That will be the subject of our next article.